Concentrates the measurement files from data loggers and sends them back to land via GPRS

The CONCENTRATOR, installed on board boats, integrates the following components: Microprocessor, memory, firmware, and an 868MHz radio transmitter/receiver circuit A GSM/GPRS radio modem A GPS [Automatic time setting of the concentrator at each valid position (UT time)]. Two Socapex connectors: 4 pin for power supply and 6 pin for the log. The concentrator resynchronises the data loggers’ time and date during each data transfer. The time and date sent to the data loggers are in the UT format (Universal Time). Start-up and configuration of the concentrator are performed using the radio Data Pencil connected to a PC and the RECOPESCA.exe software.

Mechanical characteristics

Tightness: IP66 with plug on the connectors Dimensions: 120 x 80 x 85 mm excluding the SOCAPEX connector. Material: Polycarbonate

The RECOPESCA system is designed to be installed on fishing boats. It was developed to analyse the fishing effort measurement. The system comprises: One or more SP2Ts (seawater temperature and pressure data logger) attached to the fishing device (trawl, fish pot, long line…) in order to measure the characteristics of water during fishing operations. One or more SLFs: this data logger measures the unreeled length of cable A CONCENTRATOR is a device that receives and stores the measurement files sent by the data loggers (SP2T and SLF); it also allows the GPS positions of the boat to be recorded and sends the files to the control station via GPRS (E-MAIL).\

RECO Scale

Onboard scale designed to weigh fish catch

Power supply: 10 to 27 Vdc Consumption while in operation: < 60 ma Memory: 4Mb internal memory Measuring capacity in static mode: 100 Kg max Measuring capacity in motion: 50 Kg max Measurement uncertainty in static mode: < 1% over the full range Measurement uncertainty in motion: < 5% over the full range Resolution: < 0.01 Kg Operating temperature range: -10°C / +40°C Protection: IP67 Weight: 16.5 Kg Weighing pan size: 400×404 mm Material: stainless steel 316L

Applications Weighing system
Compensation of boat movements: roll, pitch, heave. Range: 100kg in static mode, 50kg in dynamic mode Supplied with printer

Console display
 Continuous display of mass measured. Measurement refreshed every 3 seconds. Access to various scale settings and choice of fish species, size, presentation. Retrieval of recorded data using an autonomous printer connected to the scale or a gateway PC.

Data logging
Cumulation of masses of fish species caught by presentation and category. During a “Fishing draw”, pressing on the Validation key allows the weight recording to start.

Radio link
Computer management and update of the list of fish species The data stored in the memory can be sent via radio to a Concentrator in order to be transferred to a land-based station via GPRS.

Hook Timer

Cast timer for measurement of biting time

Maximum immersion depth: 600 dBar Weight in air: 58g Weight in water (with stopper): 47g Max. time displayed: 29h 59min Resolution: 1 min Accuracy: 1min/24hr Automatic switch off of display after 5 days. Energy autonomy: 2 years with 840hrs of display. Operating temperature: 0°C to 40°C Minimum traction to start the timer: 3kg (other values available upon request) Dimensions: 8 x 3cm



The Hook Timers are mounted on long lines. They show the elapsed time between the time the fish was caught and the time the line was hauled. It is thus possible to determine the optimal average time to drop and haul the long line. The Hook Timers are attached between the main line and the hook. The long line equipment is complemented with the SP2T600 depth and temperature data logger.

– Autonomous data logger of line deployed

Characteristics Counting of the revolutions of the net spool is performed according to the following configuration:

  • Rotation speed of the net spool, clockwise (rev/min).
  • Totaliser for the number of net spool revolutions (clockwise)
  • Rotation speed, anticlockwise (rev/min).
  • Totaliser for the number of revolutions (anticlockwise)
  • Energy autonomy:
  • Battery life in continuous recording (maximum speed 60rev/min) is in excess of 15 months.
  • Communication: Electromagnetic transmission without connector, using a reading interface (Data
  • Pencil) connected to a PC serial link.

The Winmemo software under Windows allows to view and process the data.

The SLF allows the measurement of the length of the nets deployed from a fishing boat, using the counting of revolutions made by the net spool.

SF –  2,  5, 10 or 35 Ton Strain gauge logger

Measure tractive stress on a stowing of gillnets, on buoy anchoring or on any structure held in place by cables (aquacultural cages…). For depths down to 50 meters, reading can be performed under water using a waterproof Data Pencil, in which case the SF data logger can remain in station.

Sensor of the type Traction in S Measuring cell: temperature compensated measurement bridge Overload: 1.5 times the nominal load without recalibration 2 times the nominal load with recalibration 4 times the nominal load at failure Material: entirely stainless steel Max. operating depth: 300 dBar (deeper versions on request) 2-ton range – Accuracy: 10kg, resolution : 0.9kg 5-ton range – Accuracy: 25kg, resolution : 2.2kg Approx. weight in air: 4kg Approx. weight in water: 3kg Dimensions (mm): 214 x 85 x 60 10-ton range – Accuracy: 50kg, resolution : 4.5kg Approx. weight in air: 5Kg Approx. weight in water: 4Kg Dimensions (mm): 249 x 85 x 60 Flash-type memory with data compression Sampling: from 0.01s to 99hrs Power: over-moulded lithium batteries, average battery life : 3 years (depending on usage) Programmable starting: manual, by threshold detection, timed… (15 On/Off modes available) Mode of storage of measurements: NORMAL, MINIMUM, MAXIMUM, AVERAGE Available in a +/-2.5 ton tractive and compressive stress data logger version.

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