Presentation at MCCE

In September we exhibited at the Marine & Coastal Civil Engineering exhibition at London Excel where Philip Gibbs gave a 30 minute talk on survey applications of unmanned autonomous boats. You can download a low resolution version (its still 71MB!) here Swale USV boats-MCCE-Sept17.

Try going to the PUB

Deploying instruments in the water that you want to retrieve but don’t want to advertise them with a surface presence? Try going to the PUB (MSI Pop-Up Buoy, that is). Mooring Systems Inc have now made the original available with the new R500 acoustic release from Teledyne Benthos. This has improved battery life and status reporting as well as being controllable from a low cost deck-box.
MSI have also introduced the PUB-deep, with a canister capacity of 500m of rope (so deployable to 330m with 50% line allowance for current drag). You can find the new data sheet here:

Unusual fluorometers supplied to SAHFOS

SAHFOS (Sir Alister Hardy Foundation for Ocean Science) have installed several new multi-spectral fluorometers onto their “Continuous Plankton Recorders” (CPRs) to enhance their collection of data.
The JFE MFL05W-USB multi-frequency fluorometers were supplied by Swale Technologies and will allow the simultaneous detection of several phytoplankton forms – (diatoms, dinoflagellates, green algae, cryptophyta and cyanobacteria) through excitation by LEDs emitting 9 separate wavelengths of light. The instruments also include depth and temperature sensors and include a mechanical wiper to ensure the optical sensor window remains clean.
The full story can be viewed Press Announcement – SAHFOS fluorometers -web