We’re Hiring – Join us and make a difference.

We’re looking for someone to help us grow. We need a technically minded sales, marketing and support person or a commercially minded scientist, technician or engineer. As a distributor of a diverse range of scientific instrumentation and equipment for the aquatic environment, we see a wide variety of applications. Climate change, plastics pollution, ecology, biodiversity, marine mammal welfare, ocean acidification, fisheries and aquaculture are just some of the topics our customers are concerned with. The role involves sales, marketing and technical support but can be tailored according to the candidates strengths. We are a small company so there’ll be great opportunity to progress and become a key part of our future.
The role is based at our office in a rural setting in Chalgrove, SE Oxfordshire.
Further details can be found here. Contact us for more info.

Change of Ownership

We’re pleased to announce that the company is now under the sole ownership of Philip Gibbs. He has been our Managing Director for the last 4 years so already knows the company, principals and customers. There may be some small changes coming but the essential ethos of the company will remain the same.


We are extremely pleased to announce that Swale Technologies is now the official representative for EvoLogics underwater acoustic products. These include Modems, LBL and USBL positioning systems and a unique Release module. Please contact us to discuss your application.

1)     No deck-box required – can be controlled from Laptop computer directly or via ship’s LAN.
2)     Unique duplex transmission algorithm – S2C (Sweep Spread Carrier) for high performance in difficult environments
3)     Up to 4 serial inputs for sensor integration.
4)     Self-adaptive protocol to maintain highest data bit-rate possible
5)     Point to point, Network and Mesh modes
6)     Integration of GPS and AHRS (for positioning systems)
7)     Wide range of options and sizes.
8)     Up to 6000m depth rating and 8000m range.
9)     Flexible technology can be used for acoustic modems, LBL, USBL and control of a release module.
10)  Options include: Wake-up module, Power Switch, Atomic clock, Optical coupler, Flotation collar, Release module, Remote (cabled) transducer, Pressure sensor, Emulator box, OEM integration

EvoLogics overview  –  Acoustic Modems  –  USBL  –  LBL  –  Release Module