We are extremely pleased to announce that Swale Technologies is now the official representative for EvoLogics underwater acoustic products. These include Modems, LBL and USBL positioning systems and a unique Release module. Please contact us to discuss your application.

  • 1)     No deck-box required – can be controlled from Laptop computer directly or via ship’s LAN.
  • 2)     Unique duplex transmission algorithm – S2C (Sweep Spread Carrier) for high performance in difficult environments
  • 3)     Up to 4 serial inputs for sensor integration.
  • 4)     Self-adaptive protocol to maintain highest data bit-rate possible
  • 5)     Point to point, Network and Mesh modes
  • 6)     Integration of GPS and AHRS (for positioning systems)
  • 7)     Wide range of options and sizes.
  • 8)     Up to 6000m depth rating and 8000m range.
  • 9)     Flexible technology can be used for acoustic modems, LBL, USBL and control of a release module.
  • 10)  Options include: Wake-up module, Power Switch, Atomic clock, Optical coupler, Flotation collar, Release module, Remote (cabled) transducer, Pressure sensor, Emulator box, OEM integration

EvoLogics overview  –  Acoustic Modems  –  USBL  –  LBL  –  Release Module